Music For Healing and Transition

Did you know that live music has beneficial effects that contribute to the overall care of patients? Research has shown that music and sound/vibrations can provide healing effects for surgical patients, premature babies, Alzheimer’s patients, the seriously ill, and hospice. Music for Healing and Transition (MHTP) works in collaboration with healthcare facilities to provide music as an effective therapeutic tool for the healing process and/or in the life/death transition.

As a Certified Music Practitioner with MHTP since 2007, Nella Rigell plays therapeutic music at the bedside to create a healing environment for patients and their families in hospitals and hospices across Atlanta, including Emory Hospital. She tailors her approach to meet the needs of each individual patient, playing unobtrusive, soothing music that offers comfort, relaxation, and peace for the body, mind, and spirit.

Photograph by Phil Colson

Contact Nella

phone: 404 378-4923.

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